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How to “Get Good”

Kids often ask me how to get good. They’re always surprised at my answer. You need to wrestle as hard as you can and lose 30 matches. 😳😳. Whatttt?

If you learn 1 thing from each loss and fix that one thing after every match by the time you hit 30 losses you will know enough to be good. Now there will be some wins in there too. But fixing 30 positions…that’s enough to make you dangerous. What if you’re winning? Then find more competition. Go up an age bracket or weight class. Learn, learn, learn.

Don’t fall in love with only winning. It gets boring. If you wrestle for Team Hammer long enough you will win so much that you’ll end up putting most of your medals from tournaments you weren’t challenged in a shoe box or sometimes won’t even collect them.

But taking a loss, learning, pushing yourself at practice, and seeing that opponent again and closing the gap…that’s where the real magic happens. Maybe the next time you didn’t get pinned. The time after that it’s a 3 point match. The time after that maybe you finally beat them in Overtime. Those are the medals you keep and the memories you and your parents cherish.

I also tell kids…getting you from new to good…that’s easy…but getting you from good to great…you have to be obsessed with hard work and humble pie 😎

So let’s get to work!!!!!


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