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Another Team State Title!!!! 2024 Wrestling Season Recap

As we reflect on the incredible journey of the past wrestling season, it's hard not to feel a deep sense of pride and accomplishment for what we have achieved together. This year was not just about victories on the mat; it was a testament to the spirit, dedication, and unity of our athletes, coaches, parents, and supporters. Here's a look back at the highlights that made this season truly unforgettable.

Unprecedented State Winning Streak

The headline of our season has to be the perfect State youth win record. Every wrestler we sent from Missouri and Kansas didn't just wrestle in the state championships—they dominated, all returning as state champions. This remarkable achievement underlines the incredible hard work and determination our athletes have shown throughout the year. Their consistent performance and resilience have brought home our third State championship team title. While it's never the goal, it keeps happening when we focus on developing upstanding men and women with great work ethics. We also had our first Girls Champion ever, and our first 3xState Champion ever this year. Crazy to think how far these kids have come!!!

The Birth of the "Footwork Trainer" Series

Innovation and growth have been the cornerstones of our training philosophy, and this year, we took it a step further with the introduction of the "Footwork Trainer" series. This groundbreaking series became the game-changer we needed, playing a pivotal role in sharpening the skills and techniques of our eventual champions. It's through this constant experimentation and commitment to improvement that we've been able to achieve such remarkable success year after year.

National Recognition

Our accomplishments weren't just confined to the state level. Several of our wrestlers made waves this year at multiple national tournaments, including the recent Folkstyle Nationals last weekend, one of the most challenging tournaments in the country. Their ability to place in such a prestigious competition is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence that defines our team. And with those accomplishments have come the recruitment phone calls from some of the top high schools in the country. Stay tuned to see where that leads.

A Growing Community

One of the most heartwarming aspects of this season has been witnessing the growth of our wrestling family. Thanks to the positive atmosphere in the room, the exemplary coaching, and the high standards set by our motivated wrestlers, we've seen an influx of new members from various areas and school districts across the entire state. Did you know some of our wrestlers travel up to an hour and a half one way just to train with us? That inspires and humbles us every time we see it..

Gratitude and Team Spirit

At the heart of our success lies the incredible support and teamwork of our wrestlers, parents, and extended families. Their unwavering support and dedication have been the backbone of our achievements. Whether it's contributing time, resources, or moral support, it's this collective effort that makes our accomplishments possible. We're not just a team; we're a family. We are united and driven to show these athletes what they are truly capable of and to always do the right thing.

Looking Ahead

As we look to this next season, we're filled with excitement and optimism for what the future holds. We truly believe the best is yet to come and have some huge plans for this offseason and upcoming year. Here's to another year of growth, achievement, and making memories together. Thank you, Team Hammer, for making this season one for the history books. We started in a garage with a handful of kids that couldn't win a match to save their lives. We are now in 2 different high schools and have won 3 youth state titles. We never could have dreamed of achieving that much. And just like we teach these dang kids we coach and raise, every time we accomplish something great we need to reflect, grow, and reach even further to see what our true potential is.


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