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Being an athlete, especially one that has to meet weight goals throughout the year, it's very important to keep an eye on nutrition. It takes a lot of dedication to be a wrestler. Other kids are eating candy, and fried foods, and sodas, but you have huge dreams and that stuff isn't going to get you there. This page is dedicated to videos and websites to help you plan your meals out, to eat healthy and keep that clean energy going and your body operating at a high tempo.

Here is a sample youth diet for training during the season:

*A healthy breakfast of eggs and oatmeal.

*A lunch like a turkey sandwich, granola bar, some veggies, and a small dessert.

*An after school snack of peanut butter on celery.

*An after practice dinner of anything with protein and a carb and bananas for recovery.

*If they're gaining weight, maybe even a protein shake before bed.

The above video explains that these actors often have to be disciplined to transform their bodies and become super-charged athletes over months. It takes motivation and discipline to be able to eat a prepared meal plan day in and day out. As high-level youth athletes, Team Hammer wrestlers are expected to care about their nutrition as much as their technique. We often plan out bulking phases with the weight room and lean phases full of cardio throughout the year so that they can peak for their target event. Wrestling is such a great sport because there are so many sides to it.


A sometimes overlooked part of health in youth and adults, is getting the proper amount, and type, of sleep! Sleeping is when your body recovers, especially from intense workouts! So getting a proper 7-9 hours is important! But also getting the right type of sleep is also good. You need a deep sleep to release testosterone and HGH and get those muscles to grow. This is only possible with a pitch black room and no electronics. So get the electronics out of your room, pull the shades down, and wake up the next morning with giant muscles and a huge supply of energy!

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