The Blast Double

The blast double is the backbone of our offense at Team Hammer. It's a very safe shot with a high success rate and is used at every age level, especially at the senior level where Jordan Burroughs and James Green have been using it to dominate their opponents all over the world.


This video has easy step-by-step instruction and then shows live match footage of many wrestlers using it.

The Inside Trip

The Inside Trip is the great equalizer in wrestling as it doesn't require strength or blazing speed. Just perfect technique that you've practiced one million times. It's been the heart of many "upsets" over the years like Kendall Cross over Terry Brands, Vincenzo Joseph over Isaiah Martinez, and recently Daton Fix over Tony Ramos in the World Team Trials.

Arm Drags

In this video we look at Zain Retherford and how he uses either a downblock or "Superman Sprawl" to get to his arm drags. If the opponent circles out he simply drops to his leg attacks. 

Overcollar Shrug

Here we study the very popular "overcollar shrug" being used at the Senior level and several of its variations. We look at Daton Fix, Helen Maroulis (Olympic Champ), Frank Chamizo (World Champ), Torgul Asgarov (Olympic Champ) and more.

Yianni D's  Nearside Cradle

This is a step-by-step guide on how to do Yianni Diakomihalis' nearside cradle that won him the 2018 Division 1 Championship last year.

David Taylor's Nearside Cradle

Check out our guide on how to perform David Taylor's nearside cradle that he hit on Olympic Champion Jordan Burroughs twice in one match!

Explosion Standup

Here we look at Zain Retherford's Explosion Stand Up utilizing his speed and strength to get to his feet. He is especially dangerous when he chains it together with his frog jumps or sit out turn downs when his opponent attempts to hang on.


The Chest Wrap

This is an easy step-by-step tutorial on how to hit Kyle Dake's Chest Wrap that he's been scoring on world level competition with, including Jordan Burroughs.