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Virtual Training is Here!!!!

I can finally unveil what we've been working on for the last few weeks. I cannot express how excited I am about this project that we've undertaken. We are trying to push training into the future and into your own living rooms by using technology. What we're developing is a virtual trainer. We noticed over the past few years, especially with beginning wrestlers, is that they know the moves or defense that should be applied to their opponent but their reaction time is slow as they process what is happening. Well, quick reaction times are built up over years of practice with good training partners, but we've found a way to "hack" that traditional process and speed it up by putting a digital opponent in front of them on the TV or computer screen.

All you have to do is load the video on a TV or lap top and watch the wrestler's muscle memory begin to develop much faster than just waiting for a physical practice. 1 video a day keeps the end of season tears away. This is the future of training!!!

Video 1: This is the in-detail explanation of all 3 downblocks that are covered and drilled throughout the downblock training series. It utilizes footage from NCAA Champs, World Champs, and Olympic Champs.

Video 2: This is the video that utilizes both written cues (the proper move in the upper left corner) as well as a virtual assistant (a wrestler that is reacting properly to the opponent). It is designed to show the brand new beginning wrestler what is supposed to be done and when. When the wrestler is confident in their reactions to the opponent, they should move on to the video "Beginner (no cues)."

Video 3: In this video there are NO motion cues. The wrestler is expected to know which downblock goes with which attack (it's only a ninja sword, followed by a frog sprawl).

Video 4: Our final basic video in the series. In this video we add in the final downblock -- the spin sprawl to defend against opponents' sweep attacks. The opponent in this video launches a combination attack that involves using a ninja sword, frog sprawl, and a spin sprawl.

Here's a video showing how easy it is to put the video up on your TV and let the kids get after it within a very small space if your living room is tiny.

Here's another example of using this video during an actual wrestling practice. It's a great way to get all the athletes on the same page and make sure their skills are progressing together.

Conclusion: We plan on making many of these videos utilizing different combinations, different tie-ups, and different reshots every week. Stay up-to-date on our YouTube channel for our Trainer updates and get that shot defense up to par against top-level opponents!!!!!

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