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Wrestler Spotlight - Luke Cline

Going to spend a few days highlighting a few wrestlers from last season that are doing incredible things. Just as a way to show people it’s not about the awards or shiny things. That’s not why we coach, and that’s not why they wrestle. We want everyone to know their stories to really appreciate them the way we appreciate them.

We’re kicking off this series with Mr. Slick…Luke Cline. People often only see his accolades and trophies and don’t see the behind-the-scenes work he’s done to not only build himself into a machine, but to build Team Hammer up as a team captain and role model last season for the younger hammers. Luke made it a point last season to push himself by wrestling the hardest tournaments, wrestling as many coaches and giant practice partners as he could, and getting in as many weight lifting and extra workouts as possible last season.

And the outcomes didn’t always go his way…but his “marathon” post above speaks volumes to the wisdom he gained along the way. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. And every great and inspiring story looks like a stairway of ups and downs. And at the end of all of this, whether you hit your goals or not…you better believe your coaches and your homies will always be in your corner.

Way to go, Luke Cline. A champion on and off the mat. We can’t wait to cheer you on in high school next year.


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