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Wrestler Appreciation- RD

Next on our Appreciation List is a Hammer that has spent years chasing his dream. Ross Davis is the ultimate role model for all younger wrestlers. He fell short of his goal of being a state champion for many years and never gave up. He just kept grinding and showing up to practice. He kept fixing his weaker positions and kept getting stronger, faster, and confident in himself. It wasn’t until his very last year of middle school that he would finally claw his way to the top of that podium in an absolutely stacked bracket. Over the years he’s shown grit, guts, and an unwavering determination to always improve. And my favorite part, he’s stepped up recently and has enjoyed teaching and leading others. It has been an absolute pleasure to coach this once scrawny and scrappy kid that has grown into a monster on the mat and a good friend and teammate off the mat.

I cannot wait to see what he does in high school!!!!


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