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We did it!!!!!!

We did it!!!! We brought home the Missouri 2AA State Championship!!! This would not be possible without everyone's help and dedication this year. From finding a place to train after the high school shut down, to taking your kids to practices laaaaate into the night, to making sure coaches were up-to-date on positive mental mindsets and exercises. We made no excuses, gritted our teeth, and got the work done. And it all paid off!!! This has been a dream of ours for years. So thank you to the wrestlers...and even more importantly...thank you to all you amazing parents.

This plaque doesn't change anything. We're still going to work our buns off as usual and find fun and creative ways to keep teaching these kids. But it definitely validates a lot of the things we've been doing the past 3 years. So again, thank you.

Here's our State results:

Cy Wilmes: 12U 90 State Champion Landen McDowell: 12U 95 State Champion Cameron Graham: 12U 95 State Runner Up Gunner Dahms: 14U 80 State Runner Up Ben Higgins: 8U 64 State Runner Up (KS) Cecilee Dahms: 8U 45 Girls 3rd Place Kemper Thomas: 10U 60 3rd Place Magnus Hoenshell: 12U 85 4th Place Aishlin Vincent: 8U 50 Girls 4th Place Junior Brown: 12U 215 5th Place (KS) Ross Davis: 12U 85 Bubble Match (Heartbreaker in OT)

Thank you to everyone for being a part of something special.


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