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We had an amazing and tough day of wrestling. There were some hard fought come-from-behind victories and some absolute heartbreakers where we fell short. Regionals is a rollercoaster and the most emotional part of the year for everyone.

Congrats to the following wrestlers on qualifying for State (and if your name isn't on this list, set some big goals for this offseason and keep grinding. It's a marathon, not a sprint. The work will always be there waiting for you).

Kemper Thomas - 1st place

Ross Davis - 1st place

Jake Nichols - 1st place

Landen McDowell - 1st place

Isaiah Harris - 2nd place

Cameron Graham - 2nd place

Connor Jackson - 2nd place

Maxwell Young - 3rd place

Jacobi Guinn - 3rd place

Gunner Dahms - 3rd place

Cy Wilmes - 4th place

And finally, we had the highest winning percentage of any team there. We are small...but mighty 😁


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