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Positive Attitude / Positive Leadership

We are a positive team. We believe in hyping kids up and putting the emphasis on the work that needs to be done. We don't put kids down or blame or yell at them and throw their failures in their face. And we expect that same behavior in them as teammates to each other. This sport is a journey that they're all on together. There's going to be setbacks as well as successes. We try to handle both humbly and respectfully. This sport is a marathon, not a sprint. We don't care if you're a 6U champion. We care that you embrace the grind and do the work up through high school.

We are not just building individual wrestlers. We are building leaders. We are building young men and women of character and grit. And there is no better example to model off of than the 2020 Super Bowl Champions.

We've used this clip in practice to show what positive leadership looks like. The Chiefs were down on points for a huge part of the game but they never quit and never blamed each other. They used positive support and kept on that grind. That's how we wrestle. That's how we live our lives.

Keep grinding.


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