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June Updates

Happy Father’s Day to all the Hammer parents out there doing their best to provide for their kids and keep them happy, healthy, and developing into strong and positive young adults. We want to do some monthly updates for all our programs and keep everyone in the loop.

First up is our Team Hammer Fitness crew. These athletes are killing it!!!! They’re learning about nutrition, muscle development, different kinds of workouts, and positive mindsets. We even had our first parent workout with us. These are not wrestling-specific workouts. Anyone can join. And you’re going to feel amazing.

Next up is our Team Hammer Pee Wees and Novices (Beginning Wrestlers). They're doing amazing and building that strength and discipline and having a blast doing it!!! Our big example is our Pee Wee Harper, who now has enough muscle to pick up her partners and toss them on our throwing mat!!! So proud of you, Harper!!!

And lastly, our advanced crew is still crushing it as usual with several national placements and a national champ again. So proud of how hard they've all been working. They're building such a great culture of hard work and positivity. It's incredible to see and a dream come true.

Keep grinding, Hammers!!!!!

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