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Get That Work

Greetings, Hammers. Wanted to give Ben Higgins a shout out for getting featured on the Chasing_those_dreams IG page. He's on there with kids around the world.

I'm also attaching a few photos of wrestlers who have been doing the workouts and staying active. Make sure you're eating lots of protein and getting your workouts in. In the middle of the season is not when we focus on strength. It's right now in the offseason. So build a solid routine of 3-4 workouts per week. Consistency is the key.

And for those wanting a leadership role next year, stay motivated. Posting your workouts to inspire others and staying positive is the type of team leaders we're looking for. (Also, be nice to your parents. We're all struggling to not go crazy)

If you need a workout for the day, get in A Burner. And increase the weight from what you did last time. Muscles only grow when you put stress on them.


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