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Congrats on the Top National Ranking

#1 Ranked Wrestler just updated their national rankings and our very own Ben Higgins tops the list as the country's top-ranked 8-year-old 65 pounder. This ranking has less to do with "talent," and everything to do with work ethic. In the two years that he's been with Team Hammer he's only missed one workout because of the flu. His smiling face is always the first one in the room and is one of the last to leave, and that's with a 40-minute drive each way.

For all you Hammers that want this level of success, there's no such thing as an undefeated Hammer wrestler. The coaches will bump you up age or weight to find you the best competition. We've watched Ben dig deep and come from behind to win some close ones and we've also seen him lose some heartbreakers. It's all part of the process. And it all paid off this year with his big win at Preseason Nationals.

So congrats Ben ("The Lean Mean Tangerine"). I hope your dad lets you eat a nice big ice cream sandwich in celebration. And's back to being a nobody and loving the grind. It's a long season and your opponents are already working out to try and beat you.


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