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An Army of Kyle Dakes

A great short interview with World Champion Kyle Dake over at Trackwrestling. We've based so much of our training and style off of what he's done over the years and the way he trains. Our club may do things a little differently compared to other clubs in this area, but we model a lot of our training around how the best in the sport are doing it (and our kids have a blast working their butts off!).

A few takeaways from the interview:

*He talks about training cycles and peaks (this is also how we structure our practice schedules. Not every practice is an intense grind. We always have an event we're focusing on and trying to peak for)

*He talks about looking at film and always making small adjustments to his positioning.

*He talks about working with data and how he can see his number of attack attempts and takedowns (much like how TH breaks down the popularity of moves at the college level for our wrestlers)

*He talks about how not cutting weight was when he made the biggest leaps in technique improvement. (We don't encourage weight cutting for our wrestlers. Instead, learn how to get to positions that take away your opponent's weight or strength)

These are tips from one of the best in the world. Now you know why we do what we do. We're trying to make an army of little Kyle Dakes.

Keep grinding!

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