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Tips from a Champion

Hello Hammers!!!! Wanted to post this interview that Ben Askren held with Daton Fix recently.

Some key takeaways:

  • Daton didn't start wrestling until 5th grade and took a ton of losses his first year.

  • Daton's dad always made sure Daton knew it was okay to lose as long as he was improving each match. This led to Daton being fearless and wanting to wrestle the toughest kids in the country like Spencer Lee and Nick Suriano, both of whom he traded wins and losses with. This is what pushed him to want to improve and win multiple cadet and junior world medals, and make the Senior World Team this year.

  • Daton lost in the NCAA finals to Nick Suriano this year. Instead of complaining about it on the podcast, he self-evaluates and says I didn't do enough to win. I didn't really deserve the win.

This is the culture we're trying to build in the room. We want the kids that choose the toughest partners and are fearless and let it fly and try stuff, win or lose. This is what builds the wrestler that chooses the tough tournaments. This is what creates long-term champions. And this great attitude is what trickles down to the new wrestlers and builds a wonderful team to be a part of.

Wrestling is fun. And hard. And brutal. And amazing.

Be fearless. Keep improving.

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