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You Get What You Put In

I wanted to use this space to highlight the dedication that some of these athletes have. Recently there were tournaments in St. Louis, South Dakota, and Iowa. We had wrestlers in each of them. Not because we’re forcing them to, but because they love to compete and their families turn these weekends into mini-vacations.

We’ve heard a few people say that “we’re lucky” to have so many State placers. But those people don’t see the amount of work that these wrestlers put in. They don’t see the daily and weekly grind that they go through voluntarily. They don’t see the look of determination as they beg us to drive them all over the place looking for tough competition not because they want an easy win, but because they want a tough loss, because they have been taught that the close losses are what truly make them better in the long run.

3 a.m. Ouch!

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