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Success Story

Shout out to Landen McDowell. He was recently asked to represent Missouri with the elite Missouri Gold dual team for the Grand River Rumble next month, one of the toughest national tournaments in the country. Landen's work ethic is incredible and he is the perfect example of hard work paying off.

Even while playing other sports, Landen has made time to practice once or more every single week all year long. Since he embraced that hard work Hammer lifestyle he has become a State finalist, an Adidas Nationals Champ, a Winter Nationals champ, a Liberty Nationals finalist, and has placed or won many other national tournaments. His great attitude and hard work was why Landen was chosen as a Team Hammer captain this year. He is always respectful and has been a great role model for wrestlers of all ages.

Congrats, Landen!!!!! Your hard work is paying off! Keep grinding!

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