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The Secret to Getting Good

All of us are crunched for time in the evenings, but there is no secret to kids getting good in the long run. It is simply getting them to practice over and over and over and keeping them motivated.

Us coaches are the same as many of you parents. We come straight from work, pick up our kids, and then practice until 8:30 or sometimes 9, then we go home, cook dinner, kids finally shower, maybe we shower, then we prep for the next day's practice and prep for the next actual workday or work late to catch up and pray that we wake up to the alarm clock in the morning.

Don't think that we don't feel your pain or that we're motivated every day, because we're not. We get just as tired and burnt out as everybody else, but we have kids and a club counting on us. The joy of seeing these kids fall in love with the toughest sport there is, and learning life skills that go beyond just wrestling, far outweighs the tiredness we feel. Being a coach and positive role model is an absolute blessing, even when we're running on fumes and slamming a third cup of coffee in the morning in order to keep going.

But if we can do it, so can you other parents.

Your kids' wrestling results are a reflection of the amount of practices that they've been to plus the amount of effort put forth in those practices over a several year period.

Now that you know the secret...there are no excuses. Being "good" is simply your athlete being comfortable in over 100 unique positions.

Get to practice. See you there.

--Coach Tony

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