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With the season so close I really wanted to express my gratitude for everything we have been blessed with before we get lost in the intense grind for State. We have a wonderful high school backing us. A state-of-the-art facility loaded with modern equipment and technology. And amazing coaches that sacrifice their time day in and day out because they are selfless and want each kid to fall in love with hard work.

And most of all I am so thankful for our Team Hammer family! Brandon Slay says it perfectly in the video below. It's not about winning and losing. That factor will come later. What's more important are the friends and family that we've made over the years and developing positive relationships with others.

It's because of all of you amazing people that I love going to practice day in and day out.

So thank you.

1% better every day. Now let's grind!!!!

--Coach Tony

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