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2 Great Snack Recipes

In my family's eating journey, there are always 3 major problems that I perpetually run into:

1.) Eating healthy is hard and requires time management to plan ahead while unhealthy foods are so quick and easily available.

2.) I hate vegetables by themselves. Always have. Always will.

3.) Healthy foods often taste terrible.

But some of those problems may be solved as we find different recipes and try them out. The following two recipes are tried and true in my family and are a great way to get in vegetables without the poor taste, and they're fun and easy to prepare.

I cannot say enough good things about the egg muffins / frittatas. I think their taste is great because I love eggs and it's a good way to "sneak" in vegetables for me and my kids into a snack. Also, because they're so small, they can be taken on the go.

Here's a great article on how to make them along with different variations:

This second recipe is a blast because I am a huge pizza fan, even though I know it's so unhealthy. But making them at home is not only healthier eating, but it's also a fun kid project as they get to choose their toppings and take ownership of how theirs is made. Plus, the whole wheat English muffin is a lot healthier than traditional pizza crust, and it's size can really help with portion control.

Check out this article on all the different ways to make them:

We'll keep posting our favorite healthy recipes as we try them out. Enjoy!!!!!


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