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Team Hammer Academy


Welcome to Team Hammer Academy, a leadership and youth wrestling club in Kansas City, Missouri, and the 2x defending A State Champions.


Our philosophy is to build great leaders that love and appreciate hard work, competition, and adversity, while also establishing a solid support system for the wrestlers that feels like a family. We feel that this method best prepares the wrestlers for the challenges that real life will throw their way in the future.

We also practice using modern teaching techniques to relay information to the wrestlers, including using technology and assigning homework. Several of our coaches are high school teachers or were military instructors at the highest level, and believe that simply screaming at wrestlers and tearing down their self-esteem is absolutely counter-productive. We empower our wrestlers with positive support, goal setting, show them what is expected every practice, and set extremely high standards so that each wrestler can achieve their goals and start realizing their potential.

And while we've had Tulsa champions, state champions, Liberty National champs, Adidas Brute champs, and multiple national tournament placers and champions, we do not focus on winning. We focus on improvement and the 1% rule. If the wrestler is improving 1% every practice and tournament, then that's a success. Winning happens over the long-term when the little things are done right. 

Progress. Not perfection.

We're in this for the long run.

All practices are currently at:


North Kansas City High School - NorClay Building

2601 Howell Street Norclay Building

North Kansas City,

MO 64116

(Back doors across from the track and there's a green playground structure next to it.)

**Mondays - Advanced   

6:00 - 7:30 p.m.  NKC

**Thursdays - Advanced + Pee Wees/Novice (All ages practice) 

6:00 - 7:30 p.m.  (7:10'ish for Pee Wee / Novice)   NKC

Park Hill South High School (We are currently not practicing at PHS until they finish their maintenance and upgrades...we'll be back there in May'ish)

4500 River Park Dr,

Riverside, MO


We're currently in our Offseason Freestyle  Schedule until June:

Schedule Recap:

Advanced:  Monday/Thursday:  6:00 - 7:30

Pee Wees:  Thursdays:  6:00 - 7:100'ish

Novice (Older New Kids or Intermediate):  Thursdays:  6:00 - 7:00'ish

Offseason Schedule-24.png

Do you want to try out our club? (I would. We're really fun and kids learn to love hard work). It's soooo easy to drop in and try us out. All you need is to fill out the waiver on the Forms tab (you can print and sign or digitally sign and email it to us) and you're all set to come to a first practice!!! Come hang out and see if we're a good fit. Your kid will have a good time building those muscles and learning healthy listening and discipline habits. If you've never tried a positive mindset team or atmosphere, then I'm excited for you. It will change everything for you and your athlete. (We do not focus on winning. We focus on developing long-term consistent healthy habits and raising good humans. The proof is in our success, our wrestlers have won just about everything, but our success is never our measuring stick. It just happens sometimes when you do the little things right).

**Are you worried about prices? We get it. Sometimes times are tough. Ask about our scholarships and payment plans. And we offer sibling discounts!!!

For more information please check out our Facebook page. It's where we are the most up-to-date on practice / season info and is the easiest for all our coaches to update. *Click the Facebook icon at the bottom of this page,

Want to know the easiest way to pay? Use our PayPal:


Or Venmo:  @THWrestling

And please check out our gear store.  Represent Team Hammer wherever you go!!!! Click on the shirt picture below!!!

Gear Store Pic.PNG

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